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This is yet another group devoted to MLP FIM, only this time for kush smokers and mids smokers alike. So if you think all Twilight needed in lesson zero was some dro, if you think friendship is $3,500 a pound, and if you could really use a snack right now, roll one up and (hypotheticaly) pass it around with your bronies.
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Dec 7, 2011


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95 Members
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Welcome my stony bronies to Spoopy Stoner Corner MHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- cough cough cough... Iam ok Iam ok.

Anyway for real I thought this would a good time for journal entry if I ever seen one. Being the scariest month of the year some scray stories sounds about right and in keeping theme. Iam going share one of the scariest experience while out smoking.

So me and group of friends thought it would be great idea to go to this nature reserve at night and smoke. I knew the paths well enough, I been up there like millions of times and it wasnt too bad of a hike. So we geared up flashlights, snacks, everyone brought a pipes, papers and of course green. Living on the west coast we dont really experience this thing called "weather" so shirt shorts and light jackets were good enough. We park a few blocks from the entrance not draw attention since we weren't suppose to be there. Now before I continue, this park reserve was gated off community like eighty years ago so the trails are littered with sideways driveways, stairs wells that lead no where, crumbling house foundations and pipes that stick out from the ground. One could imagine it was nice little community, that probably went bankrupt so nothing spooky but the party didnt know that. I waited till we went further in the park and regaled the party about how the major of the community was caught with dead escorts in the basements, missing children, satanic rituals and a killer that was never caught. I am good story teller so everyone was kinda spooped as we walked.

Either way we walked deeper and deeper into the park taking random trails though again I knew where most of the trials so I wasnt too afraid of getting lost. But as walked we heard footsteps around us. Taking out our flash lights we quickly found deer just walking around us. They froze when we turned the lights on, now deer are much bigger in person then on tv so it kinda surprised us. We turned the lights off and proceed to walkaway slowly but for reason they followed behind us. I counted three or four fawns and one buck. It was just eerie but after a while I guess they lose interest and left us alone. After a laugh we found a spot to chill. We parked for closer to an hour and our eyes got adjusted to the moon light. We were just amazed at all the stars in the sky. Since we lived in the city we hardly saw stars so we started stargazing but something caught my friends attention. There was the little path with overgrowth like covering the top of the tree branches meeting in the middle. I dont know how to describe it but it looked almost man made. After examining it we saw something hanging, it was something small so not like a body. We used a flashlight and saw a little doll made of sticks and wrap in fabric. It was just weird, like some blair witch shit. We saw another and another another... there had to be at a dozen hang further down the path. We got weirded out and though it would be best to just smoke somewhere  else not wanting to leave quite yet.

I found a popular path that lead to alcove where hikers take breaks but it was covered by overgrowth which I thought it was weird since alot of people usually jogged through here. We didnt care though and just walked through it. After a while we reached the resting stop but it was filthy. Beer cans, trash and clothes? Uh thats not cool. We felt warmer there too which was nice but we realized it was because there was a fire pit still smoldering, it was just put out. Yeah we fucking left right away and tried to find the main path back but in our hurry we lost someone. So we cooked up the brilliant plan to stop and maybe our lost party member was just lagging. But as we waited we smoked and kinda forgot what we doing and walked on ahead. Totally high we just walked and found the main path again and out of no where we heard someone running towards us and for some reason we all though it was someone from the alcove and we took off full sprint down the path. Until we heard a familiar voice, it was our friend and she was pissed because we ditched at the alcove. After some another laugh and explained we thought she was a killer hobo. We soon decided to have snacks. Munching away we thought we should continue our way the entrance since we walked pretty far or at least we thought so.

As we walk we heard rustling though we figured it was just deer and as long we just kept moving in a group they would leave us alone. That was when we heard a short yip then howl and then more howls. Fucking coyotes. Now coyotes arent so bad normally by themselves  but in a pack they can get pretty ballsy and probably smelled our snacks. We quickly took out our flashlights and dozens pair of eyes just dashed away and back in the brush. We were high but not stupid so we just slowly walked the trails and kept our eye peeled. The rustling persisted, they were waiting for us crack and kept their distant. More yips . Shit there were alot of them everywhere. Fuck hobos we were about to mauled by animals. After a brush thinned out at a certain part of the trail they stopped following. We just rushed to the entrance and back to the car. We drove to a 711, still a bit freaked and the dude working there who we knew since we stopped there like every week. Daya was all smiles and asked us we looked so tense. We just looked at each other and just started laughing. We told him what happen and called us stupid for going to a nature reserve at night with food. So the night ended well for the most part. Moral of the story: Smoke weed and you'll have adventures whether you like it or not.

But yeah that was my little scary story, probably not as scary reading. So what is your scariest smoking adventure?
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