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This is yet another group devoted to MLP FIM, only this time for kush smokers and mids smokers alike. So if you think all Twilight needed in lesson zero was some dro, if you think friendship is $3,500 a pound, and if you could really use a snack right now, roll one up and (hypotheticaly) pass it around with your bronies.
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Stoned Scribbles literature
So I don't know about yall but I think I seen all the Cheech and Chong movies and I got a theory...

We all know they came out like this:
Up in Smoke: takes place in 1978 Cali and Mexico
Next Movie: 1980 Cali
Nice Dreams: 1981 Cali
Things are Tough All Over: Chicago (date undetermined)
Still Smokin: 1983 Amsterdam
The Corsican Brothers: 18th Century France

now here's the fun part, it's all ONE story about a couple of musicians trying to make it...
the whole thing starts in the French revolution when disposed noblemen from the basque region are forced to fight for their lives. upon their victory over the reign of terror, they both leave France, one goes to Spain and the other England.

They ancestors reunite in LA in 1979. Cheech's Family tried to make their way in America just before the Mexican revolt, and got caught up in it. They maintained wealth in south cali, and lost it all during the mexican/american war. Cheech was born a poor Mexican kid in east LA with no idea about his splendid past. All the while Chong's family maintained their wealth over the centuries, moving out to LA when it first blew up.

Chong is a guitar player, pot smoker, and very down to earth for a privileged kid. Cheech is a singer in a local band that is having no success. They meet up, practice, and drive that van made of weed back from Mexico. Cops follow, the van burns up, and the cops all get high. Cheech and Chong win a punk rock battle of the bands and get steady work for a while.

About a year later, the band breaks up after achieving some indy fame. Cheech and Chong have some savings from their cross country tour and decide to try to get a fresh start in Chicago. They buy a house and some weed, and start from the bottom as car washers in the South Side, where 'Things are Tough All Over".  Their plans to reclaim fame get messed up by the arab carwash owners, so they end up taking the small amount of cash they have left and move back to LA.

In the year that follows, the two end up buying a foreclosed house with the little bit left from their earnings. They have to go back to crap jobs, but they still have good connections made from their music days. In Next Movie, they are still living dead end lives, but everything changes in one night. Cheech's cousin Red comes in from his farm north of LA (with a huge duffel bag of weed) and chaos ensues. Red and Chong cause Pee Wee Herman to get arrested as a terror suspect, break up a whore house, start a riot, and meet an advanced alien race who give them space coke and new weed strains.

By the next year, they are living with Ray Charles in his seaside house, and growing all kinds of new weed with an expert named Jimmy. They manage to raise $17,000 in 3 months, but there is a problem with one of their alien strains; it causes people to become reptilians. [Side note, the whores from the previous movie are in the police station in this movie]. The cops are on to them this time, and a police sergeant (from the original task force in Up In Smoke) wants to steal their weed for himself. They spend that day avoiding police and getting into mischief until Chong runs into Peewee Herman who has a large amount of cocaine. Peewee remembers that Chong is one of the guys who got him arrested and takes his money as an act of revenge. Peewee is in a court ordered outpatient treatment program that has him heavily medicated and undergoing all kinds of crazy treatments, so when the guys find him in the facility, he makes sure they get punished. They end up dropping acid with a doctor and getting away from the police, with their money. Peewee gets arrested again (only this time he's heavily medicated).

They try to continue working in LA for a while, but when Peewee comes off of his psychotropic meds he becomes aware of what happened and tells the police so the charges against him get dropped. Cheech and Chong are now being blamed for their previous actions, and have to take what's left of their money and leave the country. Now imagine that they didn't actually lose their money like Cheech believed, but instead Chong made an investment in a coffee shop in Amsterdam, and exported the rest of their weed their in vacuum sealed containers. They fled the US, and arrived in Amsterdam in 1983, where they are confused for a different pair of American performers. When asked to perform for a major event, they agree, and put on a music/comedy show they threw together while high on all kinds of different edibles. They finally make it in show business and can live out their days as wealthy Dutch socialites, returning to their original noble roots.

Anyway, I'm getting sober right now so I'm about to go smoke this blunt and write some shit. Spoiler alert, it's a non cannon pony parody losely based on some Cheech and Chong shyt.
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